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Articles from our journal "The Chough"

Here you will find various articles taken from issues of 'The Chough', a journal received by the members of the society.

  1. Notes on Vicars of Okehampton
  2. Andrew Cornish of Trenchford
  3. A Blacker Side of Our History
  4. Murder Through the Mail
  5. Joseph Cornish 1750-1823
  6. Henry Cornish Executed 23.10.1685
  7. Cornish Composers
  8. The Lady on the Bicycle
  9. The Cornish Family of Essex
  10. Mary Cornish & S.S.City of Benares
  11. Transportation to Australia
  12. The Last Days of James Cornish 1834-1882
  13. Distribution of the Cornish Name
  14. Cider Making & The Cornish Family
  15. The Mayflower Window
  16. Bristol Police
  17. Sensational Burglary at Okehampton
  18. A Most Generous Gesture from Devon to Australia
  19. The Whitlock Journal by Hubert Cornish Whitlock
  20. Death in the Family
  21. Mary Ann Lucy Cornish 1854-1931
  22. Donald Mervin Cornish D.F.
  23. The Cornishes of Penzance
  24. Capt. Rober Vaughn Kestell Cornish M.C. with bar (Robin)
  25. Amelia Cornish
  26. The Cornishes of Cowbridge, Glamorgan, Wales
  27. The Cornishes of St Germans, Cornwall
  28. Remember the Guidelines
  29. Arms of the Family of Cornish
  30. Postcard to America
  31. The Cornishes of South Devon
  32. Saint Jame's Church, Avonwick, Devon
  33. Cornish Architects of Devon
  34. DNA Test to connect CORNISH family trees *NEW*